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Coconut Milk by Village PrideCoconut Milk by Village Pride
Click above for available sizes.
Price: £0.99
Crispy Rolls [Pandan Flavoured Biscuit Rolls]Crispy Rolls [Pandan Flavoured Biscuit Rolls]
Price: £2.59
Dried ShrimpsDried Shrimps
Price: £4.79
Dried SquidDried Squid
Price: £2.99
East End Pudding RiceEast End Pudding Rice
Price: £1.15
Easy Pad Thai Meal KitEasy Pad Thai Meal Kit
With rice noodles, pad thai sauce and peanut mix.
Price: £3.49
Essence - Pandan Flavouring [Screwpine]Essence - Pandan Flavouring [Screwpine]
Price: £1.29
Tiparos Fish Sauce (Thai Nam Pla/Plah)Tiparos Fish Sauce (Thai Nam Pla/Plah)
Click above for available sizes.
Price: £0.89
Squid Brand Fish Sauce 700mlSquid Brand Fish Sauce 700ml
Price: £2.19
Galangal PowderGalangal Powder
Price: £2.45
Gluten Free Panda Brand Oyster Sauce by Lee Kum Kee [LKK]Gluten Free Panda Brand Oyster Sauce by Lee Kum Kee [LKK]
Price: £2.99
Glutinous Rice (Sticky Rice) 4.5kgGlutinous Rice (Sticky Rice) 4.5kg
Price: £10.99
Golden Fried GarlicGolden Fried Garlic
Price: £1.49
Grab Thai Brown Rice NoodlesGrab Thai Brown Rice Noodles
Price: £1.49
Grab Thai Dried Tom Yum SetGrab Thai Dried Tom Yum Set
Price: £1.19
Grab Thai Holy Basil [Dried]Grab Thai Holy Basil [Dried]
Price: £2.49
Grab Thai Kaffir Lime Peel [Dried Aromatic Skin]Grab Thai Kaffir Lime Peel [Dried Aromatic Skin]
Price: £1.99
Grab Thai Sweet Basil [Dried]Grab Thai Sweet Basil [Dried]
Price: £2.49
Green JackfruitGreen Jackfruit
Price: £1.39
Young Coconut Meat in SyrupYoung Coconut Meat in Syrup
Price: £2.75

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