Sticky Rice Steamer Cooker Set

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Sticky Rice Steamer Set

This Sticky Rice Steamer Cooker Set is perfect for steaming sticky glutinous rice. The set comes with 2 rice serving baskets, a cooking pot measuring approx 22cm and a large steam basket that goes on top.

The Sticky Rice Steamer set is made up of a large pot and large bamboo basket that helps stop the sticky glutinous rice from getting too wet during steaming. Water is placed in the pot and brought to a boil with the steam cooking the rice in the basket placed above. Glutinous rice should be soaked overnight before use or at least 4 hours. Rice should cook in about 20 mins and become translucent, a cover can be roughly placed over the basket in order to keep most of the steam from escaping to aid cooking.

Price: £27.99

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