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Sour Sop Leaves [Graviola]

14grams by Cockpit Country Herbs.

Premium quality, mountain grown.

Graviola is also known as sour sop and guanabana.
In Jamaica sour sop leaves are usually boiled in a tea and taken to calm the nerves and induce sleep. It has been used by hypertensive persons to lower blood pressure and has been helpful to persons suffering from kidney and gall bladder problems. Sour sop leaves help to support the nervous system and relieve insomnia. It is beneficial to persons suffering from colds, fevers and worms.

Tea: In a teacup put one tsp of herbs. Add hot water and cover for 3-5 mins. For a stronger brew, boil 2 tsp for 5-7 mins. If desired strain & sweeten with cane sugar, honey or lemon.
Product of Jamaica.

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