We stock a great range of Rice & Noodles including Basmati, Long Grain, Ramen, Udon & Much more. Basmati Rice is used in most Indian dishes such as Biryani and Pulao Rice and the Jasmine Hom Mali is common in Oriental dishes like egg fried rice or boiled rice. We have rice pack sizes suitable for all, from 500g upto 20kg in most brands. Please note that due to the unsuitability of manufacturers packaging, all larger 10kg and 20kg packs are limited to Uk deliveries only. Other destinations can order at their own risk [we do reinforce packs where possible to try and limit damage in transit.]  

Matta Rice 10kgMatta Rice 10kg
Price: £17.99
Ponni Boiled Rice 10kgPonni Boiled Rice 10kg
Price: £18.99
Flaked Rice [Pawa, Powa, Poha] [Flattened Rice]Flaked Rice [Pawa, Powa, Poha] [Flattened Rice]
Price: £0.95
Dragon Jasmine Rice 10kgDragon Jasmine Rice 10kg
Price: £16.99
BULK Shirataki Konjac Yam Noodles [Konnyaku] x 20pkBULK Shirataki Konjac Yam Noodles [Konnyaku] x 20pk
Price: £23.99
Shirataki Konjac Yam Noodles [Konnyaku]Shirataki Konjac Yam Noodles [Konnyaku]
Click above for available sizes.
Price: £1.29
Thai Glutinous Rice 1kg [Thai Sweet Sticky Rice]Thai Glutinous Rice 1kg [Thai Sweet Sticky Rice]
Price: £3.39
Chinese Thick NoodlesChinese Thick Noodles
Price: £1.49
Chinese Thin [Fine] NoodlesChinese Thin [Fine] Noodles
Price: £1.49
Khanom Jeen [Thai Noodle] [For Nam Ya Curry]Khanom Jeen [Thai Noodle] [For Nam Ya Curry]
Price: £1.99

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