Leslies Clover Chips [Ham & Cheese]

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Leslies Clover Chips [Ham & Cheese]


Famous Ham & Cheese flavour tapioca and corn snack.

Ingredients: tapioca starch, yellow corn [maize], vegetable oil [palm oil, coconut oil, soybean oil], dry ham powder [salt, flavour enhancers, spices, artificial flavours], cheese seasoning [cheddar cheese, whey, flavourings, sodium caseinate [milk], anti caking agent e339, citric acid, flavour enhancers e621, e631, e627, yeast extract, colours e102, e110, iodised salt [salt, iodine], vitamins [vitamin a, thiamin [b1] riboflavin [b2], pantothanic acid [b5], vitamin b6, vitamin b12, folic acid, niacin [b3].

Made in the Philippines. 

Price: £1.35
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