Dried Tea Tree Mushrooms [Willow Mushroom/Velvet Pioppini]

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Dried Tea Tree Mushrooms

100g by ZF.

The Tea Tree Mushroom is a long thin mushroom with a small cap. Used throughout Asia in a variety of dishes like stirfries, soup, stews, and hot pots.

It is known as 'Cha Shu Gu' in Chinese, as well as being called 'Willow Mushroom' and 'Velvet Pioppini'. And in Japan it is called 'Yanagi Matsutake'. 

Tea Tree Mushrooms have a firm texture, with a somewhat concentrated woody, intense and earthy flavour similar to Shiitake but more delicate.

Soak before use to rehydrate and soften, then drain and wash before use.

Product of China.

Ingredients: dried tea tree mushroom [sulphites].

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Dried Tea Tree Mushrooms [Willow Mushroom/Velvet Pioppini] | Buy Online at The Asian Cookshop.

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