3 Piece Copper Bottom Indian Handi Pot Set with Lids3 Piece Copper Bottom Indian Handi Pot Set with Lids
13.5cm, 15.5cm, 17.5cm diameters
Price: £14.05
Copper Handi Dish & Sigri Warmer SetCopper Handi Dish & Sigri Warmer Set
Price: £19.99
Oval Stainless Steel DishOval Stainless Steel Dish
Price: £2.99
Balti Dish 15cmBalti Dish 15cm
Price: £3.85
Balti Dish 17cm (Medium Balti Dish)Balti Dish 17cm (Medium Balti Dish)
Price: £4.45
Balti Dish Set 1Balti Dish Set 1
Balti Dish set 1 consists of: 2 x 15cm Balti Dish 2 x 17cm Balti Dish
Price: £13.18
Balti Dish Set 2 Balti Dish Set 2
Balti Dish set 2 consists of: 4 x Balti Dish 15cm 2 x Balti Dish 17cm
Price: £19.16
Balti Dish Set 3Balti Dish Set 3
Balti Dish Set 3 consists of: 4 x Small Balti Dish [approx 12cm] 2 x Large Balti Dish [approx 21cm]
Price: £24.46
Large 21cm Stainless Steel Balti DishLarge 21cm Stainless Steel Balti Dish
Price: £6.25
Small Stainless Steel Balti DishSmall Stainless Steel Balti Dish
Price: £2.99
Stainless Steel Balti Dinner SetStainless Steel Balti Dinner Set
Balti Dinner Set consists of [approx sizes]: 2 x Balti Dish 21cm, 4 x Balti Dish 17cm, 4 x Balti Dish 15cm, 2 x Oval Dish 8''.   6 x lemon squeezer [singles], 1 x Chutney and Pickle Tray,
Price: £67.50

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