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Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Teabags

100 teabags.

Strength & Flavour in a perfect blend - Exclusive selection of finest tea.

Indias Finest Tea 'Taj Mahal' - Enjoy the perfect taste of a priceless cup of tea.

Savouring Taj Mahal Tea: 

To experience the richness of Taj Mahal, experience it in three steps - the aroma, the colour, the flavour.

First consider the gentle aroma, by bringing the cup right below your nose. Take in the soft, floral notes. Then hold it to the light and consider its rich red-gold colour. Finally, sip a mouthful. Like the finest of wines, you can sense the many tastes that create a rich panorama. Experience the Flavours that have charmed millions.

Taj Mahal Teabags contain some of the finest hand picked teas, packed in a double chamber tea bag.

To prepare:

  • place a Brooke Bond Taj Mahal tea bag in your tea cup.
  • pour fresh boiling water into the cup and allow the tea to infuse.
  • dip, dip, dip the teabag till you get the desired strength and colour.
  • add milk and sugar to taste, for an unmatched experience.
Ordinary teas usually provide either strength or just flavour. Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea gives you the much coveted perfect balance of both strength and exquisite flavour. This makes it a priceless cup of tea.

''Since 1869 Brooke Bonds specialists have selected tender leaves from the best gardens to scientifically and ceremonially bring natures gift to you. Tea is expertly tasted, graded and perfectly blended in the unique Brooke Bond Tea Excellence Centre to cheer your senses in all moments of life.''

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